Michigan Learning Channel

Michigan Learning Channel
Public Television Stations Partner with Michigan Educators to Build New Statewide Learning Service Michigan Learning Channel to provide instructional content to support the work of teachers and parents through universally available platforms
Michigan’s public television stations, in partnership with leading educators and community leaders, have announced the creation of the Michigan Learning Channel.  Organized by Detroit Public TV, the network will deliver instructional content programming to students, parents and teachers, using a wide variety of media platforms, including a system of dedicated broadcast channels. Michigan Learning Channel Example
A screen capture from one of the Kindergarten math programs that will air the week of November 2
The Michigan Learning Channel is scheduled to begin operation in early January 2021, providing curriculum-aligned instructional resources for students and teachers, beginning with Pre-K to 3rd grade content and expanding to include grades 4 to 12.   When fully developed, the MLC will include a statewide network of new broadcast channels, dedicated to bringing this content into homes throughout Michigan, overcoming limitations in online access for rural and urban areas alike. In addition to Detroit Public TV, the network will include WKAR Public Media from  Michigan State University, Delta College Public Media, WGVU Public Media from Grand Valley State University, WCMU Public Media from Central Michigan University and WNMU-TV from Northern Michigan University.
 Michigan Learning Channel Example
A screen capture from one of the 1st grade reading programs with Mrs. GarrettDPTV will pilot the service on its WORLD Channel (56.4 in Southeast Michigan) from 8am to noon weekdays beginning on Monday, Nov. 2. The four hours of Pre-K to 3rd grade content will also be streamed through the Michigan Learning Channel website (MichiganLearning.org). The WORLD Channel is currently offering programming for grades 6-12 from noon to 5pm.
Sign up now for our newsletter to be the first to know the upcoming week’s schedule and learn more about the Michigan Learning Channel. Get Michigan-specific educational information, plus resources from the nationally-recognized PBS LearningMedia, PBS Parent, PSB KIDS and more. The MLC was developed with the cooperation and support of leading educators and educational organizations in the state. Detroit Public TV will carry this programming over the air on a new Channel 56.5.  But it will also be available as a livestream as well as posted for on-demand viewing on a variety of digital and social media platforms, ensuring accessibility to all students, educators and families in the state.Michigan Learning Channel