Heirloom Birth Certificate

You can celebrate a newborn or memorialize an ancestor with an Heirloom Birth Certificate issued by the State of Michigan. These certificates are signed by the Governor. The certificates contain calligraphy style printing, are printed over artwork, and are suitable for framing and preserving as family heirlooms, but not intended as legal proof of birth. The commemorative certificates are mailed encased in cardboard shields to ensure protection. Visit Michigan Heirloom Birth Certificates website.

Carson City Lions Club
Greenville Lions Club
Baker Rader Insurance Agency
Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
First Congregational Church of Sheridan
First Congregational Church of Stanton (Women’s Fellowship)
Vickeryville United Methodist Church (Women’s Fellowship)

Medication Disposal

Medication Disposal Program Safely dispose of unwanted medications today! Did you know that disposing of medications in the trash or flushing them down the toilet is unsafe for the environment and the public? Proper disposal of medications helps prevent childhood poisonings, reduce substance abuse and protect the water. If you have medications that have expired, are no longer needed, can’t be identified, or changed color, smell, or taste bad, dispose of them at one of the following locations:
Medication Drop Box Locations
Call for hours of operation or more information.
Sorry, no sharps.
Montcalm County Sheriff
659 N. State St. 989-831-7590
Carson City Police Dept.
123 E. Main St. 989-584-6448
Howard City Police Dept.
125 Shaw St. 231-937-4311
Lakeview Police Dept.
315 S. Lincoln St. 989-352-6211
Greenville Public Safety
415 S. Lafayette St. 616-754-7101

Voice For Michigan's Children and Families

Children's Trust Fund, through the State of Michigan, grants our council most of our operational budget on an annual basis. This video explains the vital role of child abuse prevention and education programs.
Foster Families Needed

    Would you consider becoming a foster parent? Montcalm DHS is always looking to recruit new prospective foster families and have found this to be quite a struggle in rural communities often hit hard by economic downturn. Montcalm DHS is looking for homes in Montcalm and Ionia Counties so that our most vulnerable children (foster children) might remain in their schools, with their friends, and everything else that is comfortable to them.
If you are interested, contact:

Kristina Syjud- Montcalm County Children’s Foster Home Licensor
Phone: (989) 304-0882
Email: syjudk1@michigan.gov
Sarah Gorby – Ionia County Children’s Foster Home Licensor
Phone: (616) 902-9909
Email: gorbys@michigan.gov

Community Education Series

Montcalm Care Network Presents- Community Education Series
Mind, Body, Soul Wellness
January Fighting Off The Winter Blues - Learn what Seasonal Affective Disorder is and who it
affects. What are the symptoms and how to get treatment.
February Nutrition and Healthy Eating - How does the reduction of calories and eating right
improve your mood, life, and health?
March Psychiatric Medications - A discussion about commonly prescribed medications for
Mental health. What they are, and what they do.
April Staying Cool During Difficult Conversations - Teaching you effective techniques to use
when you are involved in a difficult conversation. How to stay calm and get the situation
May Fighting Discrimination in Mental Illness - What is mental illness and who does it affect.
How to address your loved ones who might struggle with mental health concerns.
June Opioid Abuse - Learn about the new epidemic in our county. What to do if a family
member is struggling with a heroin or prescription pain killer addiction.
First Tuesday of the month at Sparrow Carson Hospital Conference Room B
406 E. Elm St. Carson City, MI 48811 from 6pm-7pm
Second Tuesday of the month at Reynolds Township Library
117 Williams St. Howard City, MI 49329 from 6pm-7pm
Third Wednesday of the month at Flat River Community Library
200 W. Judge St. Greenville, MI 48838 from 6pm-7pm
Fourth Thursday of the month at Commission on Aging
613 N. State St. Stanton, MI 48888 from 6pm-7pm
Contact Amanda with any questions (989) 831-7387
Montcalm Care Network staff will be on hand at each location from 5:00pm - 6:00pm to enroll attendees in Medicaid and or Healthy Michigan plans if there is a need.

Helping kids find meals
OK2SAY Campaign Launch

The Montcalm County Sheriff's Office reports the launch of OK2SAY, a new hotline and student safety initiative available to Michigan students beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year.  OK2SAY enables sutdents to confidentially report potential harm or criminal activities aimed at students, teachers, staff or other school employees.  The program will operate as an early warning system in our schools to thwart tragedies before they occur.  Created as a result of the Student Safety Act (183 PA 2013), OK2SAY's focus is on early intervention and prevention.  For more informaton on OK2SAY, please click here.

State of Michigan Child Protection Registry

Want to protect your family from unwanted adult advertising?

The State of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails and mobile phones (text messaging).  The Michigan Child Protection Registry, created by the Michigan State Legislature in 2004, allows Michigan schools and families to protect their students from receiving adult-oriented messages.  Registered addresses and numbers are protected from messages that advertise pornography, tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol and gambling.

For more information and/or to sign-up please visit www.protectmichild.com.

Child Abuse Reporting

Statewide 1-855-444-3911

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Local Festivals

Take the family on a field trip and explore the history, businesses and people of our county! These festivals offer craft shows, car shows, hot air balloon launch, children's health fairs, carnival rides, parades, food and more!

Sheridan Springfest
Memorial Day Weekend

Carson City Frontier Days
1st Weekend in June

Lakeview Summerfest
3rd Week in June

MCC Heritage Village Festival
1st Weekend in August

Stanton Old Fashioned Days
2nd Weekend in August

Greenville Danish Festival
3rd Weekend in August

Trufant Jubilee
Labor Day Weekend

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